STST Architecture                                            STST Engineering

   from Sefre Architects + Research Group (SA+RG) London

Prince Firooz Alexander Zand is directly descended from Karim Khan Zand  of the illustrious Zand dynasty of Iran and ruler of Iran 250 years ago.

Chartered Architect and Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Prince Alexander has since 1985 been working to find the most important new technologies for the purpose of the Democratisation of Architecture. This has necessitated many years of world-wide, self-financed travel and research and has led to a series of technologies being developed including STST.( Sand and Soil To  Stone Technology ). The overriding aim has been to enable the construction of high-quality, affordable roads and buildings for the masses. This is what is meant by the term Democratic Architecture for the World.



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